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IDI, Inc. Launches idiBASIC Information Solution Offering

IDI, Inc. Launches idiBASIC Information Solution Offering

BOCA RATON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jul. 8, 2015– IDI, Inc. (NYSE MKT: IDI), an information solutions provider, today announced the launch of its first information product offering, idiBASIC™, to meet the immediate needs of various industries which require a more intuitive, simplified, and cost-effective location and verification solution.

Since the Company’s recent transition into the multi-billion dollar data fusion space, the IDI technology team has been focused on the development of next generation data fusion technology, to provide the most advanced means of performing verification, skip tracing, due-diligence and investigative functions for the risk management industry.

idiBASIC has been developed as an entry product to the Company’s full suite of information solution products to meet certain segments’ immediate demand for a more basic, user friendly, and cost-efficient information solution than that which is available in the market today. It will serve to offer a diverse customer base access to premium data sets without the requirement of purchasing expansive and costly searches and reports.

idiBASIC utilizes the Company’s proprietary linking technology, advanced systems architecture and massive data repository in its most basic form to provide immediate location and contact information associated with a consumer. It will provide basic information elements for financial institutions, collection agencies, collections law firms, debt buyers, private investigators, process servers, repossession companies, and bail bondsmen, among others.

Mr. Derek Dubner, Co-CEO of IDI, Inc., commented, “It was an essential and deliberate first step for IDI to release idiBASIC. While we are building what we believe to be the most advanced and robust investigative system in the market, the fact remains that more isn’t always better. Consistently, we heard customers express frustration with being forced into a high-priced search or report, even for times when they only required basic verification and location information. We believe idiBASIC serves that limited need at a price point that makes sense.”

For entities requiring a more robust solution, IDI is currently developing its full investigative system, idiCORE™. Powered by a far more advanced systems architecture than the market’s current offerings, the Company expects that idiCORE will offer a comprehensive view of individuals, businesses, assets, and the interrelationships, with a superior level of clarity and insight.

For more information on idiBASIC, please visit http://ididata.com/solutions/idibasic/.

About IDI, Inc.

IDI, Inc. is an information solutions provider focused on the multi-billion dollar data fusion market. IDI delivers otherwise unattainable insight into the ever-expanding universe of consumer- and business-centric data. Through proprietary linking technology, advanced systems architecture, and a massive data repository, IDI will address the rapidly growing need for actionable intelligence to support the entirety of the risk management industry, for purposes including due diligence, risk assessment, fraud detection and prevention, authentication and verification, and more. Additionally, IDI’s cross-functional core systems and processes are designed to deliver products and solutions to the marketing industry and to enable the public and private sectors to layer our solutions over their unique data sets, providing otherwise unattainable insight. RELATED LINKS http://ididata.com/

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