All things identity.®

We build proprietary technologies and apply analytical capabilities to deliver identity intelligence. Our solutions enable frictionless commerce, ensure safety, and reduce fraud and the concomitant expense borne by society.

Transform the Way You Interact with Information

Our cloud-native platform reveals connections and relevance of information otherwise unattainable, driving actionable insights and better outcomes for your organization.


Manage Risk

Our advanced analytics and enterprise solutions drive informed decisions in real time, while enabling your organization to mitigate risk.


Manage Identity

In a world of omnichannel engagement, understanding your consumer and verifying their identity is more important than ever. Leveraging our consumer identity graph, we provide identity intelligence that seamlessly integrates into your workflow.


Manage Compliance

We simplify compliance with turnkey solutions that provide actionable insights and better outcomes, allowing your organization to comply with government and industry regulations.

Powerful Technology Is At Our CORE

Purpose-built for the enterprise – yet flexible enough for organizations of all sizes – our cloud-native technology platform, CORE™, is the most advanced identity intelligence platform on the market.


Advanced, fully automated design to be used at scale with the help of machine learning


Automated monitoring, flexible APIs and industry-leading batch processing allows for virtually unlimited capacity and performance


Analyzing billions of data points in real time, delivering greater intelligence and unparalleled insights for decision-making


Fortified, fully auditable, layered environment with industry-leading compliance standards


Our Brands Fuel Identity Across Markets

Powering diverse solutions for our customers, we endeavor to understand our customers’ needs from the moment of first engagement.

Utilize the industry-leading identity intelligence platform providing solutions for identity verification, fraud prevention, risk mitigation, customer acquisition, frictionless commerce, asset recovery, and so much more — all accomplished in an environment with industry-leading security and virtually unlimited capacity and performance. IDI is powered by our proprietary CORE technology that leverages massive, unified data assets, machine learning, and advanced analytical capabilities to deliver essential information to public and private sector organizations across industries.

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Gain instant knowledge prior to face-to-face consumer engagements to help better understand and address risk. Using as little as an incoming phone number, FOREWARN can provide real-time verification of an individual from the palm of your hand, supporting safer engagements and smarter interactions.

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