Revolutionizing risk management with advanced identity intelligence solutions

We develop AI/ML-driven identity intelligence and fraud prevention solutions that make the world a safer place and reduce the cost of doing business.


We take the complexity out of massive data proliferation

We have a passion for building innovative, customer-centric solutions that deliver more effective ways to apply data to decision-making. There’s a profound, transformative power in converting raw data inputs into useful information that enables people to see relationships differently. We help enterprises put this power into action.


We are driven by customer centricity. We’re committed to developing technology that delivers a more seamless, simplified experience for our customers.


By leveraging our cloud-native, industry-agnostic technology platform, we build comprehensive, proprietary datasets and apply AI/ML-powered analytics to generate relevant insights in real time.


The speed, power, extensibility, and scalability of red violet’s solutions set a new standard for how enterprises transform data into intelligence to solve their most complex problems.


Proven Leaders in Managing and Mitigating Risk

red violet leverages the industry’s most powerful technology with unified data assets to build mission-critical, AI/ML-powered risk management solutions for enterprises across industries.

Innovative Technology Platform

Our cloud-native, data- and industry-agnostic technology platform, CORE™, enables us to assimilate, structure, and unify billions of disparate records to create comprehensive views that provide detailed identity intelligence and real-time analytics.

Differentiated Owned Data Assets

Our massive, proprietary datasets of alternative and internally generated data are unified by proprietary algorithms and analytic processes that enable our customers to reveal connections between disparate data points.

Experienced Leadership Team

Transforming data into intelligence is what we do. Our experienced team is comprised of leaders in identity intelligence, having built some of the most influential companies in the industry over the last several decades.

Powerful Technology Is At Our CORE

Purpose-built for the enterprise – yet flexible enough for organizations of all sizes – our cloud-native technology platform, CORE™, is the most advanced identity intelligence platform on the market.


Advanced, fully automated design to be used at scale with the help of machine learning


Automated monitoring, flexible APIs and industry-leading batch processing allows for virtually unlimited capacity and performance


Analyzing billions of data points in real time, delivering greater intelligence and unparalleled insights for decision-making


Fortified, fully auditable, layered environment with industry-leading compliance standards


Our Brands

We develop identity intelligence and risk management solutions to help enterprises across industries make better data-driven decisions.

As a leading identity and information solutions provider in the risk management industry, IDI provides actionable intelligence for organizations in the public and private sectors.

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FOREWARN delivers instant identity insights to help professionals understand and address risk.

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