red violet Introduces Geospatial Search and Information Retrieval Technology Within Leading idiCORE Investigative Platform

Cutting-Edge Geohash Search Functionality Gives Greater Intelligence to Law Enforcement, Insurance Investigators, and Other Investigative Industries

BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Red Violet, Inc. (NASDAQ: RDVT), a leading analytics and information solutions provider, today announced the beta release of its geospatial search and information retrieval technology, available only through the idiCORE™ platform of red violet subsidiary Interactive Data, LLC (IDI).

By combining geohash indexing with wild card and feature filtering techniques, the technology enables users to leverage data in new and insightful ways. Powerful cross-linking of entities in IDI’s massive data repository enables efficient exploration of people, businesses, assets, and interrelationships, delivering greater and otherwise unattainable intelligence, including advanced understanding of both current and historical geographic relationships.

Initially applied to IDI’s comprehensive motor vehicle database with planned expansion across other data assets, investigators may select geographic regions defined by a center point and radius or a polygon through idiCORE’s intuitive application interface, with expanded vehicle search criteria including partial plate, make, model, color, model year, vehicle style, and more.  Interactive map-based specification of geographic areas provides a flexible mechanism to restrict search results to regions of interest.  Temporal filtering facilitates limiting results to those that are relevant to a specific time frame. Geolocation is implemented by indexing the geohash values of an adaptively discretized space filling curve.

“Driven by our focus on customer-centric solutions and led by innovation, we are pleased to deliver next-generation tools for the investigative community,” stated Derek Dubner, red violet’s CEO.  “Whether expanding views from the focal point of a crime scene or investigating fraudulent activity or other event-driven variables that dictate a geographic starting point, investigators now have the most advanced application to engage with data pertaining to specific locations, both current and historical.”

Built upon red violet’s proprietary, scalable, distributed memory, data processing platform, CORE™, idiCORE is currently used by over 5,300 U.S. entities, including fintech, collections, government, law enforcement, insurance, and legal, with use cases ranging from fraud detection and prevention, identity verification, due diligence, risk mitigation and legislative compliance.

IDI will expand the technology’s beta release through Q3, with full customer release expected in Q4 2020.

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